Sunday, September 10, 2006

Vacation Pics from our Prairie Moment Man

The story is below. Enjoy the beatiful scenery.....


One of the great attractions on the North West Territories is the narrow gauge railway line that runs through the White Pass. It follows a protion of the Chilkoot trail and actually replaced that notorious foot trail.
You can pick up your tickets at the old train station in Whitehorse, but you actually travel by bus to a train station called, Fraser, two thirds of the way to Skagway. Still, the remaining one third by train is rated as one of the most spectacular and scenic rail trips in the world. THe train starts at the river level and then climbs high into the clouds while going over the coastal mountain range.
We chose to stay in Skagway overnight and returned while the fog still hug heavy in the mountains the next morning. Best place for taking pictures and getting views is standing in between the coaches on the platforms, but be sure to take a good jacket as it gets cold up in the high elevations.
A few more photos to follow

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