Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What's this Bird? (Answered)

This Bird comes to the RV Park in the morning and hangs out at the pond. He stands about 2 1/2 feet tall. I can't get too close or else he takes off so the pics are zoomed in digitally and are fuzzy. I think it is a Heron but I'm not sure.

What say you...

That bird is a Great Blue Heron, they too are plentiful in B.C. they hang out along the shores of the Pacific Ocean, the Fraser River and everywhere else where there is shallow water. They are fishing the same as everyone else here.

Thanks Bev N.

Hi Marty,

The bird in question does look like a blue herron. We actually watched one hunting for fish form the shore of the resort today. Somewhere I have a very good picture of one taken by a friend of ours who lives across the lake from us. He is a retired camera man from the local CBC affiliate and when he decides to take pictures usually gets very good ones. I will look some more. I thought it was here on the computer desk somewhere but it seems to have " up and walked " so the saying goes.I will look some more.


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