Thursday, October 26, 2006

Guess Who?? (Lots of Answers)

Hi Marty,

This photo was taken in 1977. Can anyone identify these three
Greenfield Park ladies?


Thanks Wendy,

Let's see who can get the Names....

Hi Marston

Just reviewed the blog for Tuesday. A little earlier than I usually get to look at. I certainly know who the three ladies are in the picture submitted by Wendy. The first one on the left when you are looking at the picture is my Mom (Margaret Board), Rae Morley, and our Auntie Bertha Lamrock. Rae Morley is the only one still living. I could tell her age but I won't because she might get bad at me and after all these years I wouldn't want to affect our friendship.

Keep looking for those pictures Wendy. Of course I loved your flower pictures are they from your garden?

Take care
Norma Knight

Hi Marston Great to meet you & your wife at the Reunion & the many other people that I knew their names but initally didn't recognize.The three ladies in the picture from Wendy are Mrs.Board(Norma's Mother) Mrs. Morley (Ross, Bobby & Norman's Mother) & the other Mrs. Board (Clifford & Wendy's Mother).

Carole Knight –Komisaruk


re Wendy's guess who--my guess is l-r Wendy's aunt ,Norma and Howard's mother, Ralph Bennett's mother and Wendy's mother.

Hi Marty;

I believe that the lady in the middle of the Guess Who?? photo is Ross Morley's mother Rae Morley. John Penney I think the 3 ladies are Left: Mrs Board ( Norma, Judy and Howard's mom ) Right Mrs. Board ( Clifford and Wendy's mom ) and in the Middle Mrs Rae Morley ( Bob, Norm and Ross' mom) Ralph Bennet

Thanks to you all.

Hi Wendy, did they get them right???


Hi Marty,
Norma identified the three ladies correctly. From left to right, they
Margaret Board, Rae Morley & Bertha Lamrock. The photo was taken at one
of my wedding showers.

Wendy W.

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