Sunday, October 29, 2006

Here is another Photo for the Guess Who?? (Answerred)

Here is another photo taken on the same occasion.
Let' see who can identify these three ladies.


Thanks Wendy W.
Let's see if we can get them....

Hi Marston,

I think I know the lady with the dark glasses. Is it Anne Deserres? She looks very familiar. I remember Anne very well. She played at my parent's wedding (Richie & Ethel Teague) in 1952. Her and husband Lou lived next to my grandparents, Ellie & Wilfred Timm and above my grandmother, Louise Teague in an apartment building on Hubert Street in the 60's. Later on she lived in an apartment on Tissuer in the same building as the Timms. When my grandmother (Ellie) died in 1990 she played at her memorial service.

Enjoy seeing the photos that people send in. I'll have to hit Dad's old albums one of these days and send some along. Anyways, keep up the good work and thanks from Nova Scotia.

Bev Teague-Schofield

Thanks for the kind words Bev.

Marty,My aunt Anne DeSerres (Hineson) is definitely the lady in the middle. The lady on the right side may be my mother Edith Riley (Hineson). I can't identify the lady on the left.

John Riley

How did we do Wendy?

Marty N.

Hi Marty,

The lady in the middle is indeed Anne Deserres. She is well known to a lotof Greenfield Parkers for her involvement with the St. Paul's Church choir& of course, as mentioned, she played at many a wedding or funeral.

The lady on the left is Alice Dame. (Beck) Alice passed away in 2005 at theage of 100.

The lady on the right is my aunt, Edna Smith. (Heavyside)

She grew up in thePark & now resides in Wakefield, Quebec.


Thanks Wendy

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