Monday, October 23, 2006

Hi Marty

Hi Marty,

I am just looking at the pictures sent to you by Dave MacNevin and I wanted to tell you about Brian meeting Alan a few years back when he was sent to Manitoulin Island to work. Brian just knew by looking at him ( Alan) that he was someone from the past and asked him if he was from the Park. Sure enough it was Alan.

The connection goes back farther than that . Dusty MacNevin and my Dad both worked for Northern back in the day and the MacNevins and the Allikas clan, my aunt, uncle and cousins were close friends for years.

Thanks Dave for the memories.

Also I would like to say hi to Marlann aka. Mac. It has been a while Marlann, 1988 to be exact. Seems like only yesterday you were like my kid sister. Great to see your name .

It was a great mornings read Marty. Keep it up.


Hi Sandy,

This is what makes it fun. Take care and I hope we get much more of the same for our fellow Parkers...

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