Tuesday, October 03, 2006

It looks like Win Really does like you...

Hi Marty.......Those extremely offensive remarks recently uttered by our good friend JMcC cannot go unchallenged!!
I think it is most important to remind my golf partner that there is absolutely nothing wrong with my eyes and my desire for candy certainly has not waned over the years!! However I must admit that my memory is now the second shortest thing on my body!!

Now, as far as John not consuming any alcoholic beverages over the last 21 years......rumour has it that the ladies at a local Ottawa massage parlour asked our good buddy not to frequent their establishment again with a bottle tucked under each arm, so John settled for the lesser of two evils and turned to sobriety.

No doubt my friend will adamantly deny what I just stated, so I will leave it to our blog buddies to determine the truth.


Thanks Win

He might be with us next year after that zing..

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