Saturday, October 21, 2006

MacNevins New Locations of Life Today

Hey Marty , great job on the blog and keep up the good work .

Here is the MacNevins new locations of life today .

I am on the acreage just west of Edmonton in Stony Plain, Alberta . Got our own NHL size skating rink .

My older and retired brother Alan is living on Manitoulin Island near Little Current right on the mighty Lake Huron, pictured here with his oldest son this past thanksgiving weekend

My older sister , Sandra resides in Bowling Green , Ohio but I don't have a picture of her house but the picture is where she works.

Just an update on the remaining members of the MacNevin Clan . Those MacNevins that have departed us are my Dad , Dusty resting in the only non muslim cemetery in Istanbul , Turkey , the Ferikoy Cemetery ,quite a history on this cemetery.

My mom Mary in Ste. Anne De Ruisseau, Nova Scotia( Near Yarmouth) at Ste Anne's church and graveyard , ( very old chapel first built in 1784 )

and my brother Donnie on top of Mount Royal in Montreal

It's apparent that in life and and even death we have a hard time residing anywhere near each other

Thanks Dave..

Very nice post Dave but you all are close at heart..

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