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Miss Barkhousess Grade 5 - 1955/56 (New Name added) More Names

Miss Barkhouses's Grade 5 – 1955/56

From L to R

Back Row – Robert Rudge, David Allen, Wayne Antel, Robert Tombs, Wayne Eva, ?

3 rd Row - Miss Barkhouse, Maureen ?, Penny Tomalty, Pamela Stubbon, ? , ?, ? Hollingdrake,
Jane Mead

2nd Row – Joan Wilson, Lynn Boutillier, Sharon Katchuk, Jean Jolly, Carolyn Cobb, Beverly Garrett, Sharon Fogarty

Front Row – John Penney, Andrew Miles, Don Ridewood, Michael Jenkins, Roger Caron, Christian ?, Brian Routledge

Hi Marty;

I have attached a copy of a photo of Miss Barkhouses's Grade 5 Class for school year 1955/56.

With the help of Dorothy and people who saw the photo at the reunion, I have been able to identify most of the people in the photo (see MissBarkhouse.doc).

Can anyone fill in the blanks?

If there is anyone out there checking the blog who is in the photo but has not been able to attend the reunions in the past few years, I would like to hear from them.

John Penney

Thanks John

I hope we can get all the names..

Hi Marty,

I believe the Maureen standing beside MIss Barkhouse is Maureen Dawson.


Hi Marty!
Flash Back
Last Person back row is: Jimmy Fitzchew (not sure of spelling).
3rd Row is: Maureen Dawson, Hollingdrake is Sharon, beside Pamela, I think her name was Kathleen.
Front Row, Christian Beau once again not sure of spelling.

Take care

Donnie R.

Thanks Donnie

Hi Marty,

I am once again going over the names and faces in the class picture and boy oh boy, the ladies in the 2nd row , specifically Bev Garrett and Carolyn Cobb have not changed to this day.

Sandy R.

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