Saturday, October 28, 2006

Mr Tony Caines' Grade 6 - 1956/57 (Added Name)

Mr. Tony Caines' Grade 6 – 1956/57

From L to R

Back Row – ???, Wayne Eva, Harry Cobb, ??? , Robin Miles, ??? , David Young, ??? , John Baird

3 rd Row - Mr. Caines, Fred Knight, John Penney, Marilyn Blackwood, Pamela Stubbon, Jane Mead, Beverly Garrett, Bill Boler, Teddy Charles

2nd Row – Barbara Couglan, Freda Goldthorpe, Allison Messner, Joan Wilson, ? Robinson ,
Lynn Boutillier, Carolyn Cobb, ???

Front Row – Eric Russell, ??? , Brian Routledge, Wayne Bartlett, Terry Bartlett, Don Ridewood,
Herbie Mead

Let's see if we can get the missing names

Thanks John P.

Marty , the only person I can put a name to is the 1st name of the Robinson is Sharon.

Too bad Brian isn't here , he is the one who can name guys that I didn't know.

Sandy R.

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