Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Old home pic

Hi Marston,
Other than the sick jokes we sometimes exchange, I hope all is well
with you and your contributors. I must say that the weather in Port Elgin last month was a prize compaired to some of the rain we have been getting here this past week. Where I live the St-Fran├žois River is about 6-7 feet higher than normal and my septic system was distraught this morning.

While at Port Elgin some of the friends had asked me where we lived in
GFP. When we first moved to the Park (1960 + or - ) we lived at 61
Greenfield. After that Vercheres (with my parents) and then Dorothy +
Bellevue North (with Odette) The attached picture is the Duplex that
we rented on Greenfield.

Maybe John Riley can give the low down on it now. Back then Claude
Desormeaux lived upstairs with his First Born. I also recall that ???
Ed B lived next to us in another duplex .

Ed B and I used to work
part-time for Sam Stienberg back is those days. I always remember Ed's advice when I went for the physical to work at Miracle Mart.

He warned me of the two finger probe and the Doctor's command to cough. When he did ask me to cough I burst out laughing, leaving the Doctor scratching his head wondering what the laugh was about.

Regards , Ivan

Hi Ivan,

It's been very cold down here and more rain than normal. They say we might have a mild winter but I won't bet on it.

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