Friday, October 20, 2006

Recent Burning Bush Pic

I think the reason people hesitate to identify bushes is because the size and location make a big difference as to what they could be
For instance, the bush which was identified as a burning bush, which by the way is Euonymus Alata, Thats a good guess but up in our neck of the woods, they never grow twice as big as your tractor ( see picture) On the other hand maybe they do where you are. It could also be a viburnum opulus which up here grows to be about 8 feet tall but only gets red in the fall. May be what we need is a few more details about location and season >?
Or may be I'm getting too old to remember all my botanical training or just maybe getting too old
Doug Garrett

Hi Doug,

You are right, the first burning bush was exceptioally large but I just had to take a pic of it because the color was so vivid.

The second pic is a row of driveway trees that will change to red if the frost doesn't hit them too hard.

The third pic is a more normal burning bush size.

All of these are normally green until the fall when they turn red. I don't know the proper names but they can be spectacular in the fall.

Take care and hope to see some Prairie pics soon.

Marty N.

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