Monday, October 02, 2006

Reunion comments (Heather C)


I just wanted to thank everyone for their kinds words after the reunion and for the gifts I received. The stained glass of the horses was put up immediately in my livingroom window on Sunday morning, the sun shines beautifully through it and everytime I look at it I smile. I just wanted to let everyone know how much I enjoyed the reunion and how it was my pleasure to share our home with you all. I think I can safety state that I enjoyed it the more than anyone, it certainly is one of my fondest memories and one I will cherish.

You are all welcome back at any time, the door is always open, and there will always be a spare bedroom waiting. However, if you come in a group, we can again utilize the barn. I also wanted to let you all know how much seeing you meant to my mother, she was thrilled, so much so that she advised me that if she was still in the area, she would like to go to the next one. What a woman!

Also thanks for making Larry feel a part of our group. He remarked more than once on how sociable we all were and he could not get over the way we all click after all these years, and how comfortable we are with each other, I think he was envious. I know that it can sometimes be overwhelming for the spouses when we all get together but I think that I can say, we all chose great partners and they fit right in, our group can only get bigger and better.

And Louisa, it was such a treat meeting and getting to know you, I wish we would have had a longer time to chat, but that will come and I look forward to next year or sooner if you feel like another long long driving trip.

Again, thanks to you all for making the reunion a wonderful time and a precious memory, and the pictures submitted to the site are great, I keep going back and forth.

I did put a thank you in the local newspaper on behalf of the Greenfield Park 2006 Reunion group, to the owner of the Queens Bar and Grill.

Heather Hubbard Cooper

Thanks Heather and Larry.
You made us feel at home and my wife will be there next year for sure.

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