Tuesday, October 17, 2006

What are these beauties?? (Answered)

These shouldn't be too hard except maybe where are they in bloom at this time of year???

Hi Marston,
Beautiful Orchids. I think I see, in the group picture, some
Phalaenopsis, Dendrobium and Vanda. The rest ????? And usually they bloom this time
of year, winter and spring in your house or in tropical climates (Hawaii,
Africa, etc) ....Margaret

p.s. A wish for a speedy recovery goes out to Fred Knight. Richard and
I had a nice evening talking with him and his relatives during the supper
at the Bar and Grill.

Thanks Margaret W.

Hi Marty,

How do you like these little beauties? Crikey!

These are just a few of my wife's large collection that are currently in bloom. You might like to show these on the blog. I am not the expert, so if anyone wants to know the names they will need to contact us and my wife will supply the details.

Bob G

Thanks Bob G.

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