Monday, November 27, 2006

Christmas Stories

Hi Folks,

Last year we didn't get our Xmas stories or wishes up for visitors to view. So I have already collected three or four for this year. I will start posting them starting early Dec.

If you have a favorite Xmas memory or story send it in and I'll post it. It can be as simple as getting up very early and being told you can't go to the tree until after breakfast.

I think we all had some good memories of our early days in the Park and those Montreal shopping trips and Xmas mornings with family.

I know some of us were promised Lumps of Coal on Xmas Morning but did anyone get some??

So let's share some of those days or even some present day events.

Many Thanks,

Marty North
I have rec'd about six stories and will start posting them on Dec 1st

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