Sunday, November 26, 2006

First Annual South Shore Santa Clause Parade

Hi Marston,

I wonder if you would be interested in these pictures I took today at
The 1st Annual South Shore Santa Clause Parade.

Santa flew into downtown St. Lambert by helicopter at around 10:00 am
this morning. After he greeted the crowd, we then walked over and
lined up along Victoria Ave. where a pretty amazing assortment of floats and
people went by.

I believe the route was right down Victoria street, from St. Lambert to
the new Metro grocery store on the boarder of Brossard.

I was greatly impressed with the floats. Usually when you think of
Small town parades, you think of really LOUD fire trucks, but this was well
put together.

Oh yeah, the kids enjoyed it too!


Thanks Sherri T.

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