Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Flight Fear

Hi Marty,
I was looking the blog and saw your scary runways photos and then read
Bob H comments from his Vegas trip . In the early days of my travel to
, I was a real chicken. I remember one of my supervisors asking how I
was getting to Toronto for Grey Cup one year in the late 60's. Told him I
was flying. He said oh! the 5 minute flight to St-Thérèse.
Changed my mind and took the train to Toronto every time after that
until the late 70's early 80's.
When I got the Maritimes as a territory to
cover for Money Market sales after I joined Walwyn Stodgell. I used to
visit my clients 4 times a year and always started the trip after sales
meetings in Toronto.
I was a white nuckler at the best of times. I
remember one trip in particular when I was on a flight to St-John's
(the rock). As soon as we left Halifax and the pilot got altitude it seemed
like he immediately told us we were in decent to St-John's. EPA
remember that airline?
The plane just kept going down at a slow pace and I was
sitting just behind the wing and could see the lights flashing on the
end of the wing late at night. When he told us that there was a lot of fog
at the airport I just hung on to the arm rest. White knuckles.
When he made the first pass I could see the pavement on the runway below but
couldn't see anything else because of the thick fog. He pulled up and re-circled
and tried again. No luck the second time either.

Then the Captain said
he would try one more time and if that didn't work.
We would have to go to Gander. I was hoping that wouldn't happen. If we land in Gander its' a 4 hour Uncle Harry's school bus ride back to St-John's.
Well he put it down on the third try and climbed on the brakes hard
and we stopped about 50' from the terminal. Needless to say I had to get
off and go to the WC immediately.
After that episode I made a point of going to the Bar at the terminal
of any airport and have a couple of goods shots of Scotch. Then get on the
plane and fall asleep before take-off. This cured my fear of flying
problem and I guess some would say it started another. But I am still
here so it wasn't so bad after all.

Take care friend.

Thanks Ivan.
I think we all had some fear in our early years of flying.

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