Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Friends Reconnecting after 45 Years

Marty, Good day.

It finally stopped raining around here this week-end. The temperature
is still relatively mild.

I must say again how much enjoyment the blog brings. Last May while
attending the GFP Ron Smith memorial golf tournament, (which I found
out about from the blog)

I met an old friend from our Charron street days.
I had not seen nor heard from Tom Castonguay in some 45 + or - years. I
sent him some pictures in May of my brother and I and again didn't
hear from him for a while.

Tom went to school at St-Edmond's and played
football for the Packers back in those early days. He left for San
Diego and I lost sight of him until I bumped into him at the tournament. He
just wrote me a letter with a few pictures attached of what he refers to as
our humble beginnings. I thought I would share a few of the pictures. Tom
plans to retire in Swanton Vt in the future and we promised to keep in

Some of the Castonguay family in his back-yard on Charron St. some time
around 1953. Tom on the balcony top right. My brother Howard in front
of him and myself on the left on the balcony. His parents 1 of my cousins
and his sisters.

Tom and myself later on in years on my Grand Parents (Theroux) front
lawn on Charron St.

Tom's dad Albert , Winstons dad Alfie , and my dad Derek were all
great pals .

Regards , Ivan

Thanks Ivan R.

Good to hear that our blog is helping friends connecting after so many years..

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