Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Hi Marty (Church Pin)

Hi Marty,

Here is a picture of something I came across a while ago when I was looking for something else,naturally.

Does anyone else out there still have one of these ??

Sorry to hear you are having such a hard time with the blog !! Keep at it, we all enjoy it and really appreciate the work you put into it.

Sandy R

Thanks Sandy R,

Let's see if someone can tell us what it is.

I suspect it's a medal for surviving Dr Meile's class.

Hi Marty

The pin with the the year pins having perfect attendance at Greenfield Park United Church Sunday School,1st was the pin, 2nd was the wreath and every year thereafter the bars were added, believe it or not I still have mine with 7 yr bar.

Dave Burnett

Hi Marty;

The pin in the picture sent in by Sandy is a 1950's Sunday School
attendance pin from the United Church on Springfield Ave. I have one
as well, but I don't think mine has as many additional year bars as
We all deserve much more than a pin for surviving Dr. Mille's French
classes at Royal George. After his classes it is a wonder that any of
us ever spoke French again for the rest of our lives.

I have fond
memories of many of our Royal George teachers, but he certainly is not
one of them.
John P.

I learned more French in six months with my then girlfriend than I did all those years at RGHS.

Thanks Guys and Sandy for the posts


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