Friday, November 03, 2006

Hi Marty

Hi Marty,

It is my morning blog time and I am reading John Penney's comments about Doc Mile. Surviving his classes were a challenge , were they not. Does any body out there remember what he called me ?? There is a test for you all. Here is another , what was his pet name for Heather Blain ??

Now for John Rileys pictures of the day : When Brian & I bought our 1st house in the park it was on Cummings St. and Neil Forbes & his wife Sylvia were our next door neighbours.

I must be having a severe memory lapse because for the life of me I can't remember where Chalmers St. is. HELP !!!

Guess I didn't stump them with the Sunday School Pin eh !!!


Thanks Sandy R,

We had fun with the pin now let's see if we can get Doc Meile's nick names for you two.

I'll bet it ended with ...... Head..!

Marty N.

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