Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Loss of Maureen Holden

Hello all,

Please excuse me if you've received this twice, or shouldn't have received it at all. I'm Maureen's son, and collected your e-mails either from friends, or off my mothers computer.

I expect that this e-mail will come as much of a shock to you as it did to me. As some of you may know, my mother has been sick for several months now. I expect that since she kept the true nature of her illness from her family that she did the same from you as well. From what I can understand from talking to her doctors, my mother was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer that was already quite advanced early this spring.

This week my mother slipped into a coma and yesterday afternoon passed away peacefully at the Charles Lemoyne Hospital. I'm sure that I will not be the only one to greatly miss her and felt that I should let as many of her friends know as possible. I don't think my mum should have had to carry this burden by herself in her last months.

RIP Mum.

Thanks Chris,
She will be missed by all..

Our Deepest Sympathy to all the Family
Barbara & George Hamilton

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