Thursday, November 09, 2006

Miss Barkhouse Class 1955/56

Dear Marty,
I have just been looking through the blog after several months away. What fun.

The picture of Miss Barkhouse's class brought back many memories. Does anyone have a picture of the class of Mr. Belford's the following year? I remember being in his class with Sharon Fogarty and the class was right next door to the ditto machine.

Sharon and I would sneak in there before the odd test and dig out the back copy from the ditto - apart from getting a little high we also got a preview of the afternoon's Geography test. Mr. Belford was such an innocent!!!!!
In the class picture of Miss Barkhouse's, I think the girl in the second row might have been Maureen Ball.
Penny L.

Thanks Penny,

Great to have you back. I hope we can get your request from one of our visitors and thanks for the name in the second row.


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