Tuesday, November 21, 2006

More Condolences for the Holden Gariepy & Kroll Families

Hi again,

Thanks for the info.... It's straightforward and neat!

I was sorry to read about Kenneth (Kenny) Kroll passing away. I remember him being a few years ahead of me at Royal George. One of those "cool" guys we little grader 8'ers looked up to.

I was also sorry to read about Maureen Holden. Was she the daughter of Mr. Holden the barber on Churchill Blvd near Springfield by any chance?

Once I familiarize myself with the blogsite, I'll rummage around and try to dig up a few old pictures and scan them onto the site. Not to worry, they were all taken waaaaay before we even knew what a computer was, never mind a scanner. Hell, they pre-date Expo 67!

Once again, thanks for putting up the site and responding so quickly.

Thanks George A.

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