Sunday, November 19, 2006

Mr Belford's Class Pic

Hi Marty,

Finally found it, here goes:

Back row L - R: Trevor Mead, John Flesh, Andy Miles, Robert Rudge, Jimmy Stone,
David Burnett, Richard ( Hemingway) Werenchuk,

Next row: Mr. Belford, Sandra Snow, Hazel Parker, Elke Kreher ?? Yvonne VanGyte,
Penny Tomalty, Maureen Dawson, David Chandler

2nd row : Jean Jolly, Joy Faller, Dawn Dewick, Beryl Stevens, Sharon Fogarty,
Georgia Neher ?? Carol Brothers, Janet Rattrey

Front row: Stephen Kemper, Mike Jenkins, Chris Sutton, David Morwood,
Tiemen Korvenmaker, Lewis Rivers, Howard Williams

No missing names. I wrote on the back at the time.


Thanks Sandy R.

Hi Marty,
What a nice surprise to see Sam's brother Jimmy Stone in the school picture.
Ellen stone

Thanks Ellen S.

Hi Marty;
I was just looking at the Blogsite and saw the picture of Mr. Belford's
class (Grade 6 I believe). I am not in the photo, but my best friend
Howard Williams is.
Howard only went to Royal George for about 3 years (grades 6, 7, 8) and
moved to Toronto when his father was posted by the Air Force. We lost
touch, but met up again as recruits at College Militaire Royal at St
Jean, Quebec in 1962 (just by coincidence we were in adjoining rooms in
the barrack block). We both graduated from the Royal Military College
in Kingston in 1967 with Electrical Engineering degrees and both served
as Communications & Electronics officers in the Armed Forces for many
We became best friends and have remained so for the past 44 years. He
was best man at our wedding and his wife (maid of honor) is a friend of
Dorothy's from her days at the nursing school at the Montreal General.
We visit Howard and his wife & family every summer when we vacation in
Small world isn't it?
Thanks to Sandy for the photo. I have let Howard know that it is
so hopefully he will get a kick out of seeing it.
John Penney

Thanks John P.

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