Monday, November 20, 2006

Name That Teacher (More Added)

Here is one to test the folks

Back row: Mr. Denora, Mr. Belford, Mr Haynes, Mr. Russell

Middle row : ---------- , Mrs. Brown, ----------- , Miss Hoyle, Miss Donaldson, -----------,
Mrs Wheatly

Front row: ----------, -----------, Miss Field, Mrs. Stephenson, Miss Barkhouse, --------- ,

Can anybody fill in the blanks ?


Let's see if we can get all the names..
Thanks Sandy R.

Back Row : Caines not Haynes
Middle: Mrs Darker, Mrs Brown, Mrs Whalen,Miss Hoyle, Miss OBrien,Miss Donaldson, Mrs Wheatley
Front:Miss McDougall, Miss Elerton???, Miss Fields,Mrs Stephens,Miss Barkhouse, Mrs???, Miss ???

Thanks Ralph B.

Hi Marty
Front row, far right, might be Mrs. Montague, my grade four teacher.
I remember her husband, Steve (?) Montague had a Saturday television science show, probably on CBC.
That was the school year we were given jigsaw puzzles of the Canadian prime ministers. I remember doing the puzzle with classmate Sonny Cooke. I can’t remember who else was in that class.
Jean G

Hi Marty; In the "Name That Teacher" photo, I believe that the teacher in the front row and second from the right is Mrs Stone.

Dorothy (Bugera) Penney

Thanks Dorothy and Jean

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