Tuesday, November 14, 2006

News From Bev V.

Good morning, now afternoon.

Now back in St. Marys with my computer up and working I just felt Iwanted to share my last few days in October I spent in Campbellford. Some so very happy and some just so sad. October started out to be a great month with Elizabeth Baird/Newbury myold Greenfield Park school friend/maid of honor spending a few days withme at my apartment.

What a wonderful visit staying up till the wee hourshaving a few drinks and reminiscing about old times and new good times.October 12-14:A few days later I worked on silk screening for my friend Rose Mary whois a breast cancer survivor (my first time silk screening) I printed 150 scarf's to hand out at the breast cancer walk-a-thon on the 14th.

A funwalk with friends, children, babies and dogs, we raised about $5,200. Daisy in the front row of the picture wearing with her pink scarf aroundher neck, I'm standing just at the back of her wearing my Tilley hatwith my pink scarf tied on it.

The day after this picture was taking sad to say my friend Rose Mary's husband who had been ill passed away.

October 26th:About 6:30 I decided to walk over to the corner store for milk, as Iwalked through the parking lot at the back of my building I stopped fora few minutes to watch a group of about 10 children playing a game. On my way back I stopped to said hello to them, they stopped, smiled, then saying hi!!! then when back to playing their game.

A happy group of kidsjust having fun.October 27th: In the morning my friend Ria stopped by for a morning cup of tea, she said to me did you heard about the fire last night. To my great surprisethe apartment building across from the parking lot was where four of the children I spoke to last night lived.

Two of the girls perish as fireswept though their home shortly after 1:30 a.m. I could hardly believethat at night I had seen them having fun and in less than seven hoursthe girls would be dead. The two sisters Amber 15, Samantha 14, perished in the fire, their twobrothers Josh 11, and 9 year old Russell are in serious condition in thehospital with burns and smoke inhalation. The death of the two girlscame just a few days before the family was all packed and ready to moveinto a home they had just bought near Springbrook.

The girls had been sohappy about now getting their own rooms, the picture of the girls is being held by their grandmother.The father, mother and a tenant who was living in the down stairs apartment did hear a bang earlier but just thought it was a door slamming and went back to sleep. Then they were awakened when the family Chihuahua had jumped up on the bed and began licking the mother's face by then smoke was every were.

The building had been a old church, sad to say (no fire exit) on the main floor at the back where the girls were sleeping, just one fire exit was downstairs. Northumberland OPP Const. Bruce Thompson while on his patrol had spotted the flames around 1:45 a.m. he tried to enter the building but was beaten back by smoke and flames.

The handicapped father making three attempts to return inside to rescue his children was turn back by theraging fire and smoke. One boy jump out the window the other boy a firefighter took him to safety, no one could get back to the girls due to the smoke and flames. (No back exit)

Throughout the day and weekend many young people visited the scene someleaving flowers, notes and bears, for a few days a candle was burning ina jar. So young, so sad to see or believe.Smoke detectors were in the building but they don't know if they had batteries in them. They are a poor family....but seem to be a happy family, for the last six months as I would walk Daisy I would walk by them.

They would besitting on their picnic bench in the yard laughing and talking as they cooked on their barbecue, also I had seen them in the spring planting a little flower garden alone the fence doing the best they could with whatthey had.
Not a day goes by that I don't think about those girls, fire safety and caring for others. For many years my Tom was a volunteer fire man at work and would sooften say to me, (If you visit a elderly person or young family check to see if they have working batteries in the detectors.)

That's one thing my friend did for me as in the old building I had moved into the smokedetector was real old and was not even working. Is this not what it's all about in life.... caring, sharing and toremember to swallow angry words.

For the last 6 months walking Daisy Ihave met so many nice people and seen so many things going on in thelittle town of Campbellford some good and some not so good.
PBWY Take care.Hugs,Bev
PS.....sorry for the book...... but you know me when I get started. PS.....now my computer is working and now my car is sick....but I'm blessed, it's a nice day, the sun is out and it's 69F... up in Canada that's 21c.

Thanks Bev

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