Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Park Players (Greenfield Park) turns 45 with style

For most of us turning Forty Five is still prime-time; however for a Community group specially one that provides English Language Amateur Theatre in Qu├ębec, hitting 45 is a very ripe old age worthy of celebration. Therefore it was only fitting that Park Players (Greenfield Park) marked their 45th anniversary with a well crafted retrospective of five one act plays performed over three November evenings. By taking the time to look back over the years, Park Players reminded us of their pass glories and let us know they have a bright future. What I found most obvious throughout the evening, be they sharing cast or crew duties it was most obvious how much each Player enjoys what whey do.

The Five play evening open with …. Clara and the Gambler by Jason Milligan and directed by veteran P-P member Pat Geary... This comic tale from the Old West of Love as dealt from winning hand featured the humour of Danielle Jobin Forget as Clara and the dead-pan wit of Brian Stuart as the an added bonus Pat Geary, took to the stage as the Narrator adding a silent picture effect to the whole performance. Next up was the Buddy play 12:21 pm by F J Hartland under the directorship of B.J Grant. Here best man and convincing drunk Kevin (Robert Forget) has to deal with his best and always there for him pal Joel (Robert Kalyniw) getting married and how things will no longer be the same. Poor Joel tries to pull his friend back together, but no amounts of Black Coffee or acid tongue criticisms from Joel’s sister Janet (Pat Wilson) can pull bring Kevin to his senses and in the end everyone loses. We then returned to comedy with Jason Milligan. Money Talks under the direction of Cindy Pownall .. Here we find always looking to save a buck Clark (Henry Viger) meeting Yolanda (Tanya Chernishov) on a blind date. Set in a low budget Manhattan pub, Clark just can’t bring himself to spend more then $10 bucks on dinner for two which leaves Yolande feeling shorted changed.

Following a 20 minute Intermission, We move to a more upscale restaurant where Cindy Pownall directs RESERVATION for Two… by Lori Goodman. This time we find the very I’m in charge and flashy spender Jim (Michael Finch) plotting his conquest of hapless romantic Anne (Wendy Atona) only to have the tables turned on him as the evening progresses. … When Jim calls for the cheque, before dessert we all know who the real winner is in this age old battle of the sexes and the frustration it brings.
The Final play of the night was a excerpt from Neil Simon’s classic California Suite … The scene opens with a hung-over Marvin (Marc Pigeon) waking up in his hotel with little memory of the night before and a girl in his bed .. Adding to his terror is the arrival of his wife Mille(Tanya Chernishov) who few in from Philadelphia and just wants to lay down and rest Pigeon give a strong performance of the hapless Marvin who tries to cover up and latter explain who lies in the next room .. However Mille discoveries his unexplained guest and we are left to wonder, will Love or revenge endure the day.

On Behalf of Park Players many community supporters over the years, The SSCPN offers our thanks for providing us with so many laughs and tears during the last Forty-Five years. We look forward to much more to come, we truly do hope you break a leg … Bravo !

Final Reminder should you have any notices for our December email newsletter ..then please forward them ASAP
Thanks Shirley C.

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