Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Prairie Moments (on hold due to winter)

Hi Marston
Just go back today from a 1200 KM round trip to Stoney PLain , just west of Edmonton. Beautiful country but unbelievably cold. Picture is a freezing sun rise, Temp minus 30 with wind chill to minus 45. Wind blasts the road surface into a sheet of ice. I now remember why we moved away from there in 1972..

It was plus 12 when we left Medicine Hat last tuesday, it is definately winter now. Met up with my two sisters Bev Jeary and Lorna Watkins ( Garrett) in Calgary and had a great reunion. I may wait until a chinook comes in ( promised friday) to take any more " Prairie Moments." though. I'm not going walking in the coolies tomorrow.
For now
Doug G

Thanks for the pics and news Doug.
I don't blame you for staying warm. That cold weather is moving our way by the weekend.

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