Monday, November 13, 2006

Prairie Moments

I was out on the bluffs yesterday, Nov 11, just after sun rise. The temperatures were climbing because of a "Chinook wind" was blowing in from the west. This wind is always characterized by an arch in the sky blue on one side and grey on the other. Warm air from the Pacific Ocean comes over the Rocky Mountains and for some reason drops below the colder heaver air and causes sudden thaws, They happen all winter long and give a welcomed relief from well below zero winter weather.
Right now, you'll notice we have no snow. Very unusual and probably due to global warming and El nino effect. As for the rest of us, we are enjoying it while we can Probably accounts for all the Canada geese still here. There wasn't a single one down on the river so I thought they had finally taken off. But when I got up to the golf course, there they were eating. grunting, squawking and dropping all over. Guess you call it multi-tasking.
Have a good one
Doug G

Thanks Doug G.

We have geese that stay here all winter. I guess there is enough food for them to stay..

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