Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Prairie Moments

Good morning Marston

The house at 122 Vercheres which you just featured is where my wife, Shirley Kelley lived. They moved there in the mid 50's and by 1965 we had married and moved west
Today it is owned by the city and was slated to be demolished to make room for parking for the Hospital. I understand, instead, they have decided to use it for out of town patients who need accommodations while receiving treatment from the hospital.
I was out on peddling my usual route this morning and notice all but the die hard geese have disappeared during the night. What do they know that we don't or that the weather forecaster is not telling us?. Calgary and Edmonton who usually get our weather first are all under snow. How long will we be spared?

The place looks like we are ready for snow, the " bad Lands" looks silent and sleeping. I did spook up a big buck but what you see in the picture was all I saw. He was out of there and gone in seconds.

I always love photo taking this old gravel truck. You can see the houses moving closer to it up on the hills. Some day I will ride over and find it gone and all I will have of this old relic from the past will be the photos.
Have a great day
Doug G

Thanks Doug G.

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