Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Reprint of the book "The History of Greenfield Park"

This is a request for a posting to let people know that we have ordered a reprint of 300 copies of John Riley's book "A History of Greenfield Park". Basically the reprint is in response to a number of requests that John has had since we sold out the original print order of 1100 books.

In the reprinted version John has added more photos and has made corrections to the original text based on reader feedback. Anyone wishing to order a copy of the book can contact John at 450-466-2992 or jrileygfpk@hotmail.com or by contacting the publisher at --1-800-465-6072 or by going to their website at http://www.gsph.com/.

Thanks. JMcC  & John Riley.
This Reprint is also available at ZEEBA Book Store in GPK.
For those that have the first print this reprint would be a nice addition to your collection

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