Friday, November 03, 2006

A Request From John Riley (Girls Named)


For the book of photos I hope to put together I need the help of anyone who has a few interesting shots hidden away in an album. I particularly need shots taken in the Park between 1970 and today.
Here is an example of a photo that others may find interesting. It was taken in 1944.

Can anyone identify the three girls in the tree?

e-mail them to me at

John Riley

How about the girls in the tree???
Anyone care to guess or are you one of our visiters???


For the three girls in the tree photo posted about a week and a half ago we have the correct answer from John Murdoch:

His response was:Top (L) Norma Beck (his wife), Centre Shirley Conrad, Bottom (R) Marion James (who still lives in the Park on Murray)

Thanks to John and Norma for the answer.

John R.

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