Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Reunion after 50 Years

Hi Marston,

I have attached a photo of Dennis Hollingdrake and myself, George Hollingdrake -- we met up with each other after 50 years; at that time - 1956, Dennis left to live with my uncle Bud ( the barber ) and my aunt Edna in California.We met last August in Tonapah, Nevada. Dennis and his wife now live in Las Vagas.
The photo shows him, right, and me trying to open a bottle of wine -- it was quite difficult, you see, neither one of us had a cork screw !! We are using a long wood screw and a pair of pliers.Hollingdrake craftsmanship at its finest !!!!!!!!!!
" BOY". the memories were awsome and the lies of 50 years ago seemed so true !!!!!

Back in those Greenfield Park days when the Hollingdrakes all lived in the same building, those were the DAYS ----- and Dennis was the best young hockey player around.
I don't know if any one remembers that Keith and Dennis were coached in junior hockey by the now famous Scotty Bowman and it was my older brother, Buck who drove Keith, Dennis and yes Scotty Bowman to most of their games. I was a passanger in the back seat listening to all that hockey information.

Enjoy your web site


Thanks George and Dennis
I do remember Dennis being the best Hockey Player.
It is great to hear you have gotten together again..

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