Sunday, November 19, 2006

So sorry and shocked..

So sorry and shocked to hear about the death of Maureen, I know how difficult this time must be for her family.
Many times I would think about Maureen, she and her husband had bought my parents home on John Street. Although I had not met Maureen in person I would from time to time send her a email as I did miss her when she did participate on another blog with her some time funny, also at times down to earth comments.
One time I had sent her a old picture of my parents home (now her home) when they first bought it in the early forties, the few emails we did exchange she would be telling me the fun, also the not so much fun, she was having doing all her renovations to the house and driving her husband nuts doing them.
It sure was a pleasure to read her emails, also so nice to see some of the pictures she sent me on her garden and fish pond, she told me how she loved working on her garden as it gave her so much enjoyment.
The last time she emailed me was before I went back to Canada in the spring, she was telling me about her roof and what her new plains were once she was feeling better as she could not seem to kick the flue.
I'm sure she will be sadly missed by her family as from just her emails she seem to be a warm, happy, go getter type of lady in what she wanted to accomplish or enjoy in life.
Some people come into our lives, and quickly go, some people move our souls to dance.
My thoughts and prayers are with the family.


Thanks Bev V.

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