Friday, November 17, 2006

Some News From Greenfield Park

Hello Marston and Bernie !!
Just a couple of things,,,

--Mrs. Irene Bugg Smith 's funeral will be on 16th,,at McGivillarys
She was the mother of Marlyn Myles ( Gilbert ),,of Fairfield Ave.
You may remember Marlyn as "the Avon Lady".

--I have just learned that Maureen Holden is very sick and in the
Hospital at this time,, I believe that when you started your blog
Maureen had sent you pictures of flowers in her garden,,,she has
been sick for a few months now,,Please say a prayer and wish
Her good luck !!

--On a lighter note,,,Nov. 17th. is Fred Pinel's birthday,,,I understand
He is 28 going on 29,,,old enough to have a beer at Scottyz,,
Happy Birthday Fred !!

Thanks for the News John,
John Geraghty still lives in GPK and we will all wish Maureen a speedy recovery

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