Thursday, November 09, 2006

Tulips of the Netherlands

Tulips of the Netherlands,,,&...Remembering !!

Poppies grow in Flanders Fields,,

Tulips grow in Holland,,

Canada is known for it's Maple Leaves,,it's our national symbol !!

Canadian Service Personnel wear the Maple Leaf on their Uniforms,,
In Wartime,,Serving as Peacekeepers,,or in emergencies,, we proudly show
Our Canadian Flag with the Maple Leaf whenever we can,,,,,And,,,,
We also wear the Poppy on our lapel to show Respect for Those Who Served,,
Many are still with us,,,but Sadly,,,Many are not,,,,We Salute Them All !!

Everybody loves to be remembered,
But if we want to be remembered
we have a duty also to remember.

Memory is a powerful thing.
Wrongly used it can bring death rather than life.
Rightly used it can be a form of immortality.
It keeps the past alive.
Those we remember never die.
They continue to walk and talk with us.
Their influence is still felt among us.
There is nothing stronger or more helpful
Than a good remembrance.

Attached are some pictures of Tulips of the Netherlands,,,,where many Canadians
Are resting,,,many fought to Liberate the country,,,some came back,,some did not !
To You All ,at this time of Remembrance,,,,,We Wish You Peace !! God-Bless !!

Thanks John G.

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