Friday, November 10, 2006

Veterans State Funeral

Marty I am attaching a link sent to me by my step daughter, Sheri (Coull) Hagan, who was born in the Park and is a veteran herself.

It is a link to a petition to have the government consider giving the last veteran of word war one a state funeral. Saturday is Remembrance day in Canada and Veterans Day in the US. WW1 was a major step in making Canada what it is today and I believe that this would be a fitting tribute to all the Canadians who served.

My grandfather died in 1924 from the effects of mustard gas and my grandmother had her picture in The Montreal Star at the time for having sent a husband and 4 sons off to war. In these uncertain times, with our expanding military roll in the world, this would go a long way to honoring all of our troops, past and present.

Thanks Sheri. And
Thanks Marty.

David Walsh

Thanks David

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