Sunday, November 19, 2006

We Lose Yet Another GPKer

Hi Marty,

I just heard from Graham Kroll that his brother Kenneth died this week in Ottawa. I don't know if Graham sent you an email to that effect.

Graham and I were great pals in our youth and spent many a day at each others home. I knew his brothers and sister quite well and feel their loss at this time. When Graham and Brenda visited last summer we discussed Kenny's troubled life. Several attempts were made over the years to help him but all failed.

It is a sad testament to our time and the terrible grip that todays drugs can hold on a person. The new designer drugs are so addictive that a person can be hooked on a single hit.

Kenneth Robert Kroll is now free of the burdens of this world... God Bless... Rest in Peace Kenneth.

Bob H.

Rip Kenneth

Our Condolences to the Kroll Family

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