Wednesday, November 01, 2006

We need everyone's HELP on this one (One more try)

We're going to need the help of a lot of Parkers to identify their
parents or aunts and uncles in this photo sent to me by Clifford Board. It is a photo of my aunt Ann Hineson's birthday in 1925. The party was held at my grandparents house on the corner of Empire and Isabel. I remember having several Christmas dinners in the same room 25 to 30 years later.

In the photo I can identify 6 people: second from left is Lucien
DeSerres, my aunt's boyfriend and future husband. He was an airforce pilot in World War 1. He wrote a diary of his experiences that I have. The little girl, sixth from the left is my mother Edith Hineson (she looks so much like my late sister Pat at the same age, 10). Seventh from the left is Ann Hineson.

The third from the right is Bill Board, the fourth from the right is
Bill's wife Flo Heavyside, the fifth from the right (standing) is my
grandmother Elizabeth Ellen Ratcliffe Hineson.

I'm sure among the others in the room are Dora Farrar, Muriel Forbes,
and possibly a Heavyside, Board, Burgess, Miller, Morley or Hollingdrake.

I hope we get some help on this one. I know it will be difficult.

John Riley

Thanks John,
I hope we get a lot of help with this one...

This might be a tough one John..

I'm not saying I know anyone in Cliffs' photo and I know this get- together took place in the "30's or so but if the second male in on the right side of the photo isn't Cliff in an earlier life then I'll eat my hat.......They say everyone has a twin out there somewhere......Cliffs' just happens to be a couple of generations back!!!

Win Swinwood

Thanks Win

We tried John...

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