Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Winter Stories of Old days in GPK

Hi Marston,
Well, looking at the sleighs on the blog today brought back a winter
memory about a toboggan and some wood to me. We lived closer to Devonshire
Road than to the Taschereau end.

There was a man who sold firewood near Taschereau and since we had no car (my Mother didn't drive) and my Father had died a few years previously, my older brother, Steve and I went down to pick it up by toboggan (a long toboggan). I guess I would have been about 9 years old or so. We piled it up really high since we didn't want to make too many extra trips.

I was to walk along beside and hold it as best I could as he pulled it down King Edward. Well, we were doing OK until we had to cross the road. We were about two houses from home and of course it all fell over.

It was at night and it seemed like it took forever picking it
all up and getting it finally into the basement. This was one of many future
trips. Never thought anything of this kind of work. It was just
something you had to do if you were part of the family. We were just happy to
have wood so we wouldn't freeze! Freezing also brings many other stories to


Thanks Margaret W.
Great memories…

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