Sunday, November 12, 2006

Wise words of encouragement

A long time ago, I heard a story and the only part of it I can remember is about a woman who lived in a house that was in the desert in Arizona. She was totally depressed and despondent She wrote to a friend and told him she didn't know if she would survive in such a desolate place where absolutely nothing lived. As she was writing she described the stone that were under her feet. He replied with a question.

" What's under the stones?"

She turned one over and found ants. His next question was " What kind of ants?" She had to go to a book to find out the answer and was shocked to learn there were hundreds of species of ants. She began to look around for other insects and found a whole world of those she knew nothing about.

After a period of time, she became a leading expert in the field of insects and wrote books. It changed her whole life.

You may have heard the story and could fill in the blanks. But when I heard that , I thought if it ever happens I feel like there is nothing beautiful about the place I live in, I shall look around until I find something.

After living on the west coast in White Rock for 26 years on an acreage that dipped down to a ravine with a creek with salmon in it, deer in the yard, possums and raccoons in our fruit trees and so many flowers I couldn't count them all, we moved to Medicine Hat to be with our kids.

This is semi desert with tumble weed and cactus. People asked me what on earth I was thinking moving from the coast. But as I explored the coolies ravines and valleys out here I found it filled with all kinds of beauty as you have seen.

When ever I get restless. like this time of the year before spring, I jump in the van and we go for a ride or I get the old bike out and peddle quietly so I can come up on animals before they see me.

One day while on my bike,I came over a hill in the park about 6.00 a.m. as the sun was just up. There on the top and middle of a picnic table, lying on his back and stretched full out was a beautiful red fox warming himself in the morning sun. He was surprised as I to find any body up and around. It was a precious moment when our eyes met. Any how that’s my story and I'm sticking to it.

Bet you can find things that would knock your socks off within 25 miles of where you live. It’s all a matter of how you see it.
Thanks for the encouragement. I take my camera with me every time but only once in a while do I get a good shot Like the deer on the pathway. I shot it from the hip ( took the picture) as he was moving away into the woods. In a few seconds he was invisible.
Catch you later
Doug g

Many Thanks Doug G.
We all can use these words of encouragement...

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