Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Zeeba Bookstore Corner in GPK


1881 Princess to Churchill on the Park side of Victoria (formerly Devonshire Road). In this block once stood Mrs. Esnouf's house that once held the Protestant school, Murray's light lunch, the Beck's house, and the Chambly County Bus Garage (Shambles County Buses), and the Reeves Store - The Busy Bee - which later was owned by the Cunningham family.

The Canada Drive In, a popular destination of present day Parkers, can be seen in the distance. It is on the site that formerly held Smith's Gen. Store then later Buster Tombs Garage.

Bruce Hollingdrake and his wife in front of Zeeba Bookstore. She warned me that I'd forget her name and I did.
I do however remember what her name means.

1884 Inside Zeeba

1885 Inside Zeeba

John R.

Thanks John R.

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