Saturday, December 16, 2006

1952-53 Grade Six Class @ RGHS

Marty, a few weeks ago you posted a photo of Tony Caines grade six class from 56-57. Attached is a photo of his first ever class, 1952-53 grade six (courtesy of Donna Barfoot) .

I thought it appropriate for this time because Santa Claus (Eddy Massey) is in the picture but so are two people who recently appeared on the blog, Murray Penney and Lorna Garrett.

I think the attached list of names is accurate but I stand to be corrected. One additional note about the photo is that the Kenny Routledge in the picture was accidentally shot by a friend in the spring of 1953 as they were both out hunting and spent a number of months recuperating in hospital JMcC


Teacher—Mr. Lynton “Tony” Caines

Students-- Eddy Massey-Santa, Lorna Garrett, Dorothy Thomas,Darrell Hollingdrake, George Williamson, Ross Loman, Donnie Bremner, Judith Null, Donna Barfoot, Jimmy Small, Donnie Watmore, Norma Warren, Ronnie Brunelle, Stanley Haydock, Patsy Haydock, George Wilson, Earl Hewitt, Kenny Rutledge, Bruce Middleton, John McConachie, Audrey White, Murray Penney, Gilbert Miles, Gary Farber, George Wade, Elsa “Chickie” Latimer, Ronnie Jones, Jimmy Godefroy, Ken Comber

Thanks John McC.

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