Saturday, December 16, 2006

The book The History

The book, The History of Greenfield Park, has been reprinted with a few corrections and about 30 new photos. They include pictures of:

1) Pop's Restaurant, the exterior

2) Pop's Restaurant, the interior

3) a view of the Big Creek in the spring flowing from Taschereau
to Campbell St.

4) the Lion's Club wading pool and outdoor rink

5) the Carnival Princesses of 1978 including J.Flood, T.Massey,
C.Silbermayr and J.Soulsby

6) the war memorial on Churchill Blvd. behind the old Fire Station
about 1948

7) the GPAA soccer team of 1977 coached by Les Frampton, including G.Scholtz, R.Lemery, H.Vanier, W.Poulton and R. Tippney

8) The Monarch's hockey team of 1970 coached by the Argue brothers including R.Allikas, B.Buckley, J. McTavish, M. Hollely and M. Rutherford

9) Abby Sones house league football team from 1963 including
K.McConachie, D.Murphy, K.Cross, A. Globensky, B. Dempsey, J. Trudeau and K.Holmes

10) A photo of the Burger Ranch compliments of Elaine Jennings

11) Bill Barfoot in his homemade boat paddling up Greenfield Ave.
about 1943

12) the Girl's GPAA basketball team of 1956 coached by Clarence
Tomalty including C.Knight, A.Uprichard, A. Allardyce, N.Board and L. Garrett

13) The Legion Midget Hockey team of 1972 coached by Bob Shewin, including D.Carter, A. Jefferies, G. Fisher, F.Newbury, G.Barfoot and F.Potvin

14) The Pee Wee Lions hockey team of 1976 coached by C.Desormeaux & F.Brault, including W.Zatylny, B.Morley, G.Galley, R.Field, P. Adey and M.Hegarty

15) Some of the volunteer firemen about 1979 including R.Amos, H.
Holloway and D.Romanado

16) J.McConachie, B. Evans and K.Crawley sitting outside the Youth
Centre about 1962

17) Moving Albert Smith's Store up Devonshire Road about 1957

18) S. Mackenzie diving into the pool beside the old Arena about

And a few others.

For anyone who hasn't already got the first edition, it would make a
wonderful Christmas gift.

You can pick one up at Zeeba Books on Victoria in Greenfield Park, at Le Fureteur on Webster in St. Lambert, at Archambault In the Champlain Mall or by calling John Riley at 466-2992. E-mail

For those living in other provinces
or the U.S.A. you can order directly from the publisher. The toll free
number of General Store Publications is 1-800-465-6072. They can also be reached by e-mail at

Zeeba Books will also ship books anywhere
in the world. So if you'd like, you can support our local book store. Bruce Hollingdrake the owner of Zeeba Books at 1414 Victoria can be reached at 450-672-2662. The e-mail address for Zeeba is

If you order from Zeeba and would like me to sign the book, I'll head over there whenever Bruce has such a request.

The Greenfield Park Historical Society would like to thank all of you
for your tremendous support by purchasing either a book or one of the DVD's of Park History made by Paul Boudreau. These are still available by calling Paul at 450-671-5141. You can also obtain a copy of the DVD (or VHS format if you'd like) from Zeeba Books.

We'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a peaceful holiday

John Riley, Paul Boudreau, John McConachie & Normand Simard
(The Greenfield Park Historical Society)

Thanks John R.

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