Thursday, December 21, 2006


Dear Marston:

I hope this gets posted in your blogspot. Practically everyone in the Heavyside family reads or visits it.

Thanks for doing this for the park.

Wishing you and your family the best at Christmas and all through the year,
Donna Joy Heavyside Westlund

PS Johnny Treboutat never contacted me. Merry Christmas, Johnny.


The beauty of the white snow, the colorful lights decorating the homes and the skating at the rink next door to Hollingdrake’s Market are always in my memory of Christmas in Greenfield Park.

On Christmas Eve, my parents always attended the midnight service at St. Paul’s Anglican Church. My brother and I were anxiously waiting Christmas morning. Before going downstairs, my Dad always turned the lights on the tree and had Christmas music playing in the background. On one particular Christmas, my Dad secretly made me a dollhouse in his workshop in the basement. It was a unique dollhouse with real glass windows, curtains on the windows, flowers in the flower boxes, a wooden-shingled roof, a brick fireplace and tall chimney, small plastic furniture, pictures on the walls, rugs on the floor, and a door, with number 90 on it, that opened and closed. (We lived at number 90 Fairfield Avenue.) That same year my brother, Jack, received a train that went right around the tree. This is the Christmas that I will always remember due to this gift made from love from my Dad and Mom. My brother also loved his train.

To this day, if anyone asks what I would like for Christmas, I most always reply. “Make me something!” The best gifts to receive are gifts from the heart and homemade.

Donna Joy Heavyside Westlund-Lived in the park from 1942-1956
Dad -Wilfred Heavyside-Born in St. Lambert and lived in the park from 1910-1956
Mother -Jessie Gregory Heavyside-Moved to the park in 1930 and lived there until 1956
Brother -Jack Heavyside-Lived in the park from 1948-1956

In 1956, our family moved to California but always have fond memories of life in the park and Canada.

Many Thanks Donna..

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