Friday, December 01, 2006

Christmas Memories (Bev V.)

One of my Christmas memories I would like to share.

December 1 .... this was the day my grandmother (Boggis) would bring
out her little wooden sleigh and old Saint Nick, as a child I was so
fascinated with the little sleight and the one moose that was pulling
My grandmother told me in England the (Elk) as she called it would have
to pull the sleigh, they were strong and could pull a lot of toys. When
they moved to Canada she said, the Santa here had many deer's to help
pull the sleigh.
The antlers are missing on the Elk, each year she would give him new
ones. (Twigs from a small tree.)

Years later, my wonderful grandmother gave me her little treasure
saying, now it's time for you each year on the first day of December to
bring out my old Saint Nick and his elk drawn sleigh. I have many happy
memories of Christmas's at my grandparents home on Murry Street.
I think the little wooden sleigh with it's tin wheels, the elk and clay
Santa is a hundred years old now. I can't remember what my grandmother
told me about how she got......I just remember how much I loved it and
still do.

Bev "

Thanks Bev V.

These are the memories we appreciate

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