Sunday, December 03, 2006

Christmas Memories of Bev Vye

Hi from Georgia........
I just had to say how much I enjoyed Bill Webb's memories, also thank you John for submitting it so we all could enjoy Bill's entertaining memories.

First I must tell you the wooden cross Bill was carrying was made and donated by my grandfather George Boggis, I remember as a child seeing the cross being carried by wonderful little (happy) alter boys. How proud I felt saying to myself (my grandfather made that cross) then later feeling sad to see it replace by a shinny new brass one.

My grandfather was in the St. Paul's Anglican church choir for many years as well as my sister Shirley, my Aunt Frances Boggis and me. I do hope that old wooden cross is in the church archive. Years later I had ask my aunt Frances if she knew where it was, I don't think a name plate was ever on the cross saying who made it and when.

I remember at the Christmas service, also at Easter as I also was kneeling on the hard wood getting a little tried and bored I would be peeping out my eyes checking out how many were at church and thinking where did all these people come from, where were they at other Sundays. Being young I would just think how come they are just coming now. Yes, the good old days..... the age of innocence. My dad also was into Seagram's V.O., guess it was the drink to drink back then.

Boy! Do I remember the Red River coats and wanted one badly, my mom made one for me also one for my doll ( the doll's coat I still have) my mom even knitted the doll the red leggings, hat, scarf and mittens with..... the string.
My poor mom, sad to say I hated my coat..... thinking I was so special.......I wanted a store bought Red River coat. You know just like the kids today that just have to have brand names. Spoiled brats....right?

Oh!!! the Up-side Down Clowns, like so many young children I sure were just dumb founded how a clown could walk so far on their hands, that's the only clown style that I had seen that left a impression and is my favorite. Ha-ha
Beloved Pumpkinhead...well being a bear collector he is a very special bear in my den of bears, I also do have a 1955 (b&w) tape of the Santa Parade in Toronto and a Eaton's Punkinhead Commercial. Many of the old Punkinhead are decidable by collectors, even in Japan paying over a thousand for them...I have a nice collection of them also the little books that were given out after the parade when the children went to visit Santa. My 16 inch cira1950; Merrythought Punkinhead is now selling at $1,800-plus. I also have the 22inch Punkinhead made by 24K, Quebec in the 70s now value at $350-plus.
So many times I say to my friends in Campbellford, " We have to get a Toy Museum opened up here,".......where are all my bears going to live when I'm gone.....they just laugh at me.

Have to run......going to help hang up more decorations outside.....that's another story I would like to tell.

Have a nice week end.

Thanks Bev for sharing your memories with us..

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