Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Christmas Stories from Georgia

Sharing Christmas Joy.

I would like to share what is going on in Georgia on Devon Drive where Ilive with my daughter for six months in the winter. The Christmas tradition on Devon Drive for about 32 families living onthis horse shoe street is......

November the families all get together for the "Annual Fall Gathering"pot luck dinner. Underneath two tents put up on the side of the streetthey celebrate a different country or state with the food from thatcountry or state. This year it was Southern Cooking, last year it was Germany.

That day they discuss and complete the plans for decorating thestreet, also welcome any new neighbors. This was started about 25 years ago by one lady, Miss Waldene with help from her husband. It has grown into a wonderful event for hundreds toenjoy. Christmas Eve many of the neighbors go back to Miss Waldene's home for refreshments and sign her large pale green table cloth which she embroiders the signatures and comments during the year.

It's a fun cloth to read as some have moved or passed on but are not forgotten. This year Miss Waldene has not been well, so the event planning has now been handed over to my daughter, Darla.

December 1st:
Each family puts a red bow and a few decorations on their mail box, also that day a single (electric) candle in their front windows.

Saturday 9th:
A few families get together in the morning to decorating the two brick entrance ways on Devon Drive with fresh greenery. Then the candy-cane arches with lights in them (made by the men) start to go up over the street, not all families do this but now about 15 arches do go over the street.

Children and adults enjoy driving through them.Most of the houses are decorated mainly with white lights as this is the Devon Drive tradition, some of lawn decorations are spectacular.

Christmas Eve:
Luminaries line both sides of the street. This night (only) the street is one way as hundreds do come to view the lights. My son-in-law for the last three years has put his truck on the side of the street at the entrance, we have a large sign I painted on a sheet saying

" Donations for the Humane Society," every year we receive a truck load of donations. Can and dried food for dogs and cats, animal toys, news paper, cat litter, dog shampoo, money, bleach, paper towels, blankets, towels and many other animal treats. That's my fun job that night with my Daisy as a friendly greeter, also to help put the donations into the truck and say thank you.

This year the children from one family on Christmas eve want to put on a live nativity scene, some families hand out candy, some sing carols.In the news paper each year an article about the street is put ininviting all to visit Devon Drive, and if they like bring a treat for the Humane Society. Hundreds of families do, many seniors from nursing homes are driven in vans so they can also enjoy being part of the holiday season. It's an enjoyable night for all.


Thanks Bev V.

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