Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Wishes

Hi Marty,

Just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

Unfortunately Brian and I missed the London " Hooters" night. We were on the 401 heading east from the airport. Brian arrived home from his 2 month stint in Alberta so he has already had his fill of winter weather.

Around here Santa will have to put wheels on his sleigh.

I am not sure if anybody out there remembers my cousin Barb Berry , but she had a heart attack this week and is now on the mend. She had a stent put in yesterday at the Ottawa Heart Institute and she will be home in Calabogie today.

I also had a friend in the hospital for a week and she has no family in this area so I spent a full week running in to visit her twice daily. Right now I am so far behind , well if I was any further behind I would be going backwards.

We hope all our blog friends and those of you we meet up with each year in Sept. have a wonderful holiday season with your families and the good Lord willing we will see you all again in 2007.

Merry Christmas
Sandy & Brian

Thanks Sandy & Brian
We hope you have a great Christmas..

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