Sunday, December 17, 2006

Eaton's Santa linked to GPFK

In talking with John Riley last night I discovered a GFPK link with the Eaton's Santa Claus. According to John, Mrs Elizabeth MacPherson Reeves( she has a story in John's book), a 97 year -old lifelong resident of the Park and a lively lady who still has all of her faculties, told him that a certain Mr George Boothman who lived on Greenfield Ave played Santa for Eaton's .

The story goes that Mrs. Reeves parents took her to see Santa and once there her father said to Santa "hello George" to which a young Elizabeth turned to her father and said "that's not George that's Santa". Apparently Elizabeth's father opted to not argue the faith of his daughter.

Thanks John McC.
Great memories of our youth

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