Saturday, December 16, 2006

Friends reconnect after 53 years

Hi Marty, some months ago I sent in some names for your "where are they now "contest , There were a couple of suggestions as to where some people might be and even the information that Stanley Wiltshire had died some years ago but nothing definite on the others..

A couple of months after my e-mail to you Sandy Robinson provided information about one name on the list ,Donna Barfoot, who was a classmate of mine from grade one through to grade six. After grade six I went to live in Montreal for about four years and when I returned Donna had moved into Montreal and so we had neither seen nor spoken to each other in 53 years.

Donna and I finally spoke on the phone some weeks ago. It turns out that Donna is a technology novice and has only recently been on the internet and using e-mail. She has checked out your website on occasion and felt she had some photos which would be of interest to your subscribers but without a scanner she was unable to submit any of those photos.

I volunteered to scan the photos and submit them on Donna's behalf. I have scanned them and will be submitting them over the next few days for you to use when you see fit. .

Many Thanks John and a Big welcome to Donna B.

Marty N.

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